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Centrifugal Machines and Spares

We are supplying complete centrifugal machines i.e. Batch type centrifugal machines as well as Continuous Centrifugal Machines.

New basket for Centrifugal:

We supply basket for all type, make and sizes of centrifugal machines in stainless steel as well as Alloy Steel material. We have exported baskets to various countries. We also supply the basket of imported centrifugal machine like BMA, KRUPP, SILVER WEIBULL, HEINLEHMAN, TSK JAPAN, WESTERN STATES, THOMAS BRODBENT etc.

Massecuite Feeding System:

We are supplying Massecuite Feeding System for batch type machine with butterfly valve operated with pneumatic actuator which gives leak proof performance.

Syrup Separator for batch type centrifugal machine:

We are supplying syrup separator of modified design operated with butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator in order to have the perfect separation of a light and a heavy molasses.

Centrifugal Spare:

We can supply centrifugal spares required for all types, makes and sizes of the centrifugal machines to almost all sugar centrifugal in India as well as we are exporting the spares to various countries.

Repair & Maintenance of Centrifugal Machines:

We take the job for repair and maintenance of Centrifugal Machines at our site as well as Sugar Factories. We depute our Engineer at site to attend an emergency job as and when required.